Steven Teijeiro

Fairfax, California, USA

A mountain of a man. I stand tall at 6'3" and weigh in at around 250lbs depending if I ate lunch or not. A large smile adorns my bearded face wherever I happen to find myself and I roar like a bear when I am pleased or excited. Habitual by nature I am trying to change myself for the better. You can find me exercising at the local track, walking through town or playing basketball at the courts. I want to make the world a better place by devoting my time and energy to making peaceful things, creating enjoyable content for others and myself and spending my hard earned money on creative outlets like musical instruments or a good beer at one of many local bars. I have a passion for teaching and expressing my geekiness and will happily listen to others go on about their geeky interest because through what we do with passion and the discussion of what we do passionately, together we as people can reach new heights in understanding one another and finding valuable friends in the world.

Books by Steven Teijeiro